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Our Professional Design Team 
SK Mould’s Engineering Division offers complete mold design of close tolerance plastic moulds and die casting. Our highly skilled professionals are dedicated to meeting each customer’s standards in the automotive, consumer electronics, connecting, medical and general manufacturing markets. 

Our design team generates precise molds from conventional prototypes, creating fully production-capable, single- and multi-cavity, standard two-plate, three-plate and hot runner moulds. We can also work with you directly to generate solid models of your products. 

File Format Capabilities:
IGES, DXF, DWG, Cimatron PFM, STEP, EXP(Catia), STL, Cadkey PRT, Pro-E NEU,Pro/ENGINEER ,Cadkey PRT, Pro-E NEU, FTP Internet connection


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  86 (0) 769-83722111

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